Carrie Underwood Just Gave a Rare Glimpse Inside Her Life With Her Husband and Kids

Carrie Underwood

Most of the Underwood-Fisher crew starred in her new “Southbound” video.

We all know Carrie Underwood is one busy country superstar: She’s a newly minted mom of two, a wife to former NHL player Mike Fisher, the creator of her own athleisure line, and oh—she’s in the midst of a nationwide tour, too.

Though she sometimes shares into each aspect of her life, we rarely get to see the former American Idol winner mastering all of these things at once. Enter: Her new “Southbound” video that gives a rare glimpse into how she manages to perform, play with her kiddos, and have fun while doing it.

The 37-year-old’s latest debut is a compilation of her Cry Pretty 360 concerts and rehearsals, as well as an intimate party with friends and family. In one scene she’s belting out her hits or donning a sparkly gown on stage, while in others she’s totally stripped down and playing bags or getting chased by Isaiah. Even Mike gets in on the action, hanging outside her dressing room or jumping on a giant pool float.

As for why Carrie decided to give a more intimate, behind-the-scenes look, the answer is simple.

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“I like when videos and songs kind of mark your life right then, because no matter what I’ll be able to look back on these videos and be like, ‘Ah this was during Cry Pretty Tour 360,’” she told the Associated Press. “We do a lot of stuff that’s on stage, backstage, days off, which I feel like I would so not have done 5-10 years ago. I’m on stage, no makeup; I’m in a sound check in sweatpants and a Mike Fisher t-shirt. It’s loose, and it’s easy, and it’s fun, and it’s just us.”

The most important memories she made from the set, though, are with her son Isaiah. (Sadly, newborn Jacob had to sit this one out.)

“The family is in the video. Jacob is not in the video, I had to keep walking away from our party that we had cameras at to go feed him,” she said. “But Isaiah’s in the video, he’s chasing me around with a water gun. There’s some super cute shots of him watching me on stage. That makes me so proud, to see him proud.”

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be re-watching Isaiah cheer on his mom while simultaneously booking our next beach vacation.

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