Carrie Underwood Is Releasing Her First-Ever Gospel Album This Year

All hail Carrie Underwood!

The country music queen just announced she’s dropping her second new album in less than one year. This news comes only four months after the release of her very first Christmas album (which we may or may not still be listening to, thankyouverymuch).

My Savior will focus on traditional gospel music Carrie was introduced to as a child. In a short trailer for the album that she shared on YouTube, she became emotional talking about why she decided to record these songs.

“Hymns and gospel shaped me as an artist because those were the first things that I sang,” she explained, recalling that her earliest performances in front of a live audience took place in her family’s tiny church with wooden pews.

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“This album is one that I have always wanted to make. This is legacy stuff to me,” she said. “When thinking about making an album like this, one thing I definitely wanted to do was to do the familiar. I wanted to do the traditional songs that I grew up singing. The songs on this album are literally songs that I have heard since birth.”

Despite Carrie’s familiarity with the music, recording her own versions of these gospel songs was “tougher” than she thought it was going to be. Still, she says it was a “blessing” to have the chance to make this album in a year like 2020—and that’s exactly why she’s so excited to share it with her fans.

“I wanted to appeal to the people like me who grew up singing these songs,” Carrie said. “But also we’ll be introducing these songs to a whole new generation as well.”

My Savior will be released on March 26, 2021, just before Easter Sunday, and is available to preorder now!

WATCH Carrie Underwood – My Savior Album Trailer VIDEO BELOW:

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