Carrie Underwood Is Getting Trolled for Wearing Makeup to Her Son’s Soccer Game

Carrie Underwood

This is too much.

The social media world loves to troll celebrities. Whether it’s telling Home Town’s Erin Napier that her newborn is “really not adorable,” to accusing Lori Loughlin that her red winter Hallmark hat is a political statement, the instances of online negativity are vast and unending. But the latest cyber attacks on Carrie Underwood for literally wearing makeup to a soccer game has to be one of the more facepalm-inducing moments as of late.

The pregnant country singer posted a sweet selfie over the weekend updating fans that she is “officially a soccer mom” to her and husband Mike Fisher’s three-year-old son, Isaiah. “The kids played a good game!” she wrote. “Isaiah scored two goals for his team…and one for the other team. Hey, a goal’s a goal!”

Though her adorable anecdote should have been the center of all the chatter, some followers naturally opted to completely disregard the family milestone. Instead, they decided to focus on something else entirely: her makeup.

“I was just thinking who gets all glam to sit at the soccer field,” one user wrote, with another echoing, “Whole face of makeup on the soccer field…all part of being a celebrity I guess.” Another said, “Too much bronzer. This chick is so vain.” Others called attention to her incredibly common and not at all surprising mishap. “Makeup on vest…so tacky.”

When I heard the news that Carrie was being shamed for her latest post, I genuinely couldn’t help but wonder: Who cares if she has makeup on!? She’s a 35-year-old mom who’s kind of busy, in case you hadn’t heard, and if she has the extra time in the morning to get her glam on then so be it.

She certainly wasn’t suggesting parents should follow her lead, and her cozy outfit consisting of activewear from her line was plenty down-to-earth. As far as the stain she has on her Sherpa vest’s collar, let me just repeat this again: She has a young son, is expecting another child, just released a new album, is hosting the CMAs in less than a month, and is gearing up for a tour in 2019. I think it’s OK if she has a little foundation slip.

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Fortunately, I’m not the only of Carrie’s Instagram followers to have the same thought. “I love how human you are by rocking your makeup on your white vest,” one user said (with many more agreeing). “Makeup goals for soccer moms!!!” another exclaimed. Others wanted to know where she got her lipstick and how she killed it at the eyebrow game.

In conclusion, Carrie Underwood is as human as the rest of us. And if you’re one of her 7.9 million followers that decided to hop aboard her positive mom moment, and want to take a page out of her Saturday morning style book, here’s how to do just that. For the rest, well, I hope you never have to experience the panic of trying to get a spot of concealer out of your favorite white sweater.

WATCH Carrie Underwood “Cry Pretty” Makeup Tutorial | Face to Face VIDEO BELOW:

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