Carrie Underwood Is a Proud Mama as She Talks about Son Isaiah’s Singing on Her Christmas Album

Gospel singer Carrie Underwood recently revealed how proud she is of her five-year-old son after he joined her in recording a track on her Christmas album.

Carrie Underwood released her Christmas album in September, and it featured a track where the singer collaborated with her 5-year-old boy, Isaiah. Just before the album launch, Underwood had an interview with ET, where she expressed pride in Isaiah’s musical understanding.

The proud mother explained that she could practically hear his voice while writing the song; however, she was not sure if he would want to do it. He did do it, and according to Underwood, the boy surpassed her expectations.

The country singer stated that her son was very passionate about it and, at some point, was gesticulating with his hands while he said out the words. Underwood said:

“I was so proud of him, just for giving it his all and the love in his heart because he does love Jesus. At five years old, he knows, and he was giving all the love. I’m very proud of him.”

The “American Idol” alum also revealed that while Isaiah listened back to the recording, he was utterly delighted even though he seemed to be critiquing his performance, thinking something was missing.

For herself and her husband, health and fitness is a saving grace that has kept them occupied and sane amid the inactivity forced on everyone.

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The proud mother noted that it was a trait he inherited from her because she is also a perfectionist. While Isaiah may have found something wrong with his performance, Underwood thought it was beautiful and pure.

The famous singer has stated that should Isaiah decide to pursue a career in music, she would support him. Underwood believes Isaiah is a boy of many talents, and she is ready to wait for him to decide what he really wants to do with them.

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Aside from Isaiah, Underwood also has another boy, one-year-old named Jacob. She shares the pair with her husband, Mike Fisher. Underwood’s love for her kids is well known, and she dotes on them, making sure they have all they need while simultaneously teaching them about her faith and being upright.

The pandemic has given her a chance to spend more time with the boys, and while she enjoys her time with them, she has had to come up with things to keep them busy, including exercising, tending the garden, or feeding the menagerie of animals she rears.

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