Carrie Underwood helps Utah woman with surprise reveal during concert

Carrie Underwood

A mom-to-be in Utah managed to get Carrie Underwood to help with a surprise reveal earlier this month at a concert in Salt Lake City.

Sydni Ledbetter had planned to “ask” Carrie Underwood for her help during her Nov. 17 tour stop at the Vivint Arena. She even made a sign to hold up during the show, reading, “Carrie, help me announce my gender reveal.”

But while waiting in line, Ledbetter realized signs weren’t allowed inside the venue.
“I was like, ‘Ah, [but] we came too far.’ Like, you know, we made this cute sign. You can’t just throw it away,” Ledbetter said.

Instead, Ledbetter folded up the sign and tucked it into the back of her jacket.

“So, yeah, I kind of broke the rules there a little bit,” she said.
Shortly after the concert started, a security guard caught Ledbetter and made her get rid of the sign, but not before Underwood managed to see it. Ledbetter was also able to give Underwood a sealed envelope given to her by a nurse, which listed the baby’s sex.

“Congratulations, you are having a girl,” Underwood announced from the stage.

The day after the concert, however, Ledbetter and her husband Josh found out that the nurse had gotten the paperwork wrong. They were actually having a boy.

Ledbetter said she was disappointed about the mix-up, but now says it makes for an even better story.
The concept of a “gender reveal,” meanwhile, has been criticized in recent years for being outdated and inaccurate, as these ceremonies reveal only the baby’s sex — male or female — and not the baby’s gender identity, which may not be reflective of its sex upon birth.

In fact, the woman credited with popularizing gender-reveal parties has since come to regret it, telling NPR that her own views on gender had changed since her own viral 2008 gender-reveal party.

“I know it’s been harmful to some individuals … we don’t need to get our joy by giving others pain,” Jenna Karvunidis told the outlet in 2019.

Karvunidis also slammed the trend of over-the-top gender-reveal parties, like the one that sparked a wildfire that burned over 46,000 acres in Arizona in 2017, calling them “a bit of a nightmare.”