Carrie Underwood has dinner 6 nights a week with Fisher and their children!

Carrie Underwood

While Carrie Underwood takes her family’s health seriously, she believes that meal times are about more than food. The singer revealed to People that dinnertime is a special bonding time for her family. Notably, while Underwood is a vegetarian, her husband, Fisher, is an avid hunter and loves to eat what he catches. So, they devise ways to agree on what’s on the table.
Having a ‘normal’ childhood for their kids is something Underwood and her husband Fisher discuss frequently. “We have dinner together six nights a week. I feel like that’s something really important,” she explained.

So, when it comes to spending time with their children and giving them a normal childhood, Underwood and Fisher are on the same page!

Underwood and her husband married in 2010 and had their first child, Isaiah, in 2015. In 2019, after four years of parenthood, the couple welcomed their second son, Jacob. As public figures and parents to two young children, Underwood and Fisher know firsthand how challenging it can be to give your kids a “normal” childhood.
Carrie Underwood suffered 3 miscarriages between Isaiah and Jacob’s arrivals

Carrie Underwood may appear to have it all together now, but things were not always so rosy in her family life. The country music singer experienced three miscarriages between the births of Isaiah and Jacob. She broke her silence on the miscarriages during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning in September 2018.
In a later interview with The Guardian, the award-winning singer discussed how she puts on a “smiley, happy face” for the outside world. She said, “I was still trying to do my job and be Carrie Underwood, and then I’d go home and fall apart.”

While going through the miscarriages was tough, Underwood chose to open up about them for a good reason. She felt that infertility struggles were something people don’t talk about and wanted to show other women that it’s OK to talk about it.

Underwood seems happy with her two children at the moment but says she’s open to having more kids in the future. The mother of two is doing wonders as a parent while juggling her work as a fashion designer and a country music singer.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher want their kids’ lives to be as normal as possible

Despite being public figures, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are determined to provide their sons with a “normal” childhood. The “Blown Away” singer and her husband value quality time spent at their Nashville home with their children more than anything else.
Underwood took her kids on her Cry Pretty Tour 360 in 2019. Speaking to ET Canada in June 2022, seen on YouTube, the country singer called being on tour with kids the most challenging thing she’s ever done. However, she expressed feeling accomplished at the end of the tour for spending time with her family on the road. For the singer, the Cry Pretty 360 tour wouldn’t have been the same without her husband and kids.