Carrie Underwood Has a Big Secret Behind Her Amazing Legs and It Only Costs $39

Carrie Underwood

It’s no secret that Carrie Underwood has amazing legs. But one of the ways she achieves her stage-ready sparkle might surprise you.

Sure, the “Drinking Alone” singer does all the essentials, like staying dedicated to healthy eating and working out as often as she can.

“I take the opportunity when I have it, knowing that some weeks I won’t be able to exercise as much,” she told InStyle.

On the more challenging weeks, she’ll do lunges as she walks from room to room, or works in some squats as she picks up after husband Mike Fisher and their two kids, Isaiah and Jacob. “No one is judging you in your own house, so why not make chores active?” she said.

But here’s where our favorite method for her flawless look comes in. (Hint: No cardio is required.) She says a “good self-tanner or body bronzer” is the key to appearing extra fabulous.

“I like Ofra Cosmetics RCK Body Glow, a tinted lotion with a bit of shimmer,” she revealed. “If you want your legs to look toned, believe me, a little shimmer goes a long way.”


Her preferred product is only $40 online, and is obviously worth every penny. But there are plenty of similar items that you can pick up for even less if you want that Carrie sparkle.

And if her entire routine inspires you, consider buying her new book Find Your Path. We’re sure you’ll be tour-ready in no time!

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