Carrie Underwood Gives GnR Fans A Treat With “Ace Of Spades” Cover

Carrie Underwood

She Can Do It All
Country sensation Carrie Underwood is embarking on a daring new adventure – warming up the stage for Guns N’ Roses. Never one to shy away from surprises, Underwood recently paid homage to Motörhead’s rock legend Lemmy Kilmister. Rocking Moncton, New Brunswick, and Montreal, she seamlessly weaved Kilmister’s fiery anthem, “Ace of Spades,” into her setlist.

As the bass line ignited, stage steam rose, and Underwood emerged with a rockstar aura, belting out, “If you like to gamble, I’ll tell you I’m your man…” Fan-shot videos reveal the crowd’s infectious energy, hands raised in rock ‘n’ roll salute. The song’s bridge became a collective roar, as fans sang along with zest.

Kilmister’s ambivalence about “Ace of Spades” resonated with Underwood’s audacious move. Her cover adds depth to her stage persona, reminiscent of Kilmister’s spirit. An icon himself, Kilmister jammed “Ace of Spades” with Slash and Dave Grohl in 2010. It mirrored the kinship between artists challenging norms.

Underwood’s recent performances flaunt her rock prowess. Alongside “Ace of Spades,” she takes on classics like Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” and Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll.” Her interactions with Guns N’ Roses, sharing the spotlight for hits like “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” infuse rock synergy into country magic. Underwood’s fearless fusion of genres echoes Kilmister’s legacy – pushing boundaries and elevating music to new heights.

Check Out The Motorhead Cover Below: