Carrie Underwood gives glimpse of ‘mornings at the Fisher house’

Carrie Underwood

Who doesn’t love a good round of airplane with dad?

Wondering what life is like under quarantine for singing sensation Carrie Underwood and her retired hockey superstar husband, Mike Fisher … and their two little ones?

Let’s say it’s an uplifting experience!

As Underwood shared in an Instagram photo Thursday, there’s one way for Dad to get one-on-two time with his kids, plus stay in shape … they just play a little airplane.

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Mornings at the Fisher house. ✈️ ✈️

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In the photo, Fisher is shown lying on his back, using one hand to powerlift Isaiah, 5, and the other to balance Jacob, 1. “Mornings at the Fisher house,” Underwood wrote in the caption.

We call this an excellent way to multitask! And, we’re impressed with his athletic upper-body strength.

It’s also giving us a fun peek into the Underwood home. We respect the need for a baby gate over the stairs, and we love that there are toys and high chairs in the background, clear signs of who really runs the household.

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This is just the latest look inside the family home. Underwood sang her hit song “Drinking Alone” for “ACM Presents: Our Country” last week, a performance filmed as she sat on her couch.

“This song actually seems to be striking a chord more than ever with a lot of you these days, especially while so many of us are riding things out at home,” she said in the video. “Just remember, though, we’re not really alone. We are alone together. And that is exactly how we’re going to get through this mess.”

Glad to see the family is still flying high!

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