Carrie Underwood Gives Gabby Barrett Advice On Her “Long List Of Questions” About Motherhood

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood gave Gabby Barrett some motherhood advice just weeks ahead of the birth of Barrett’s first child, a daughter.

In a recent interview with CMT’s Cody Alan, the “I Hope” singer gushed over her and Underwood’s friendship and the first-time mom tips that Underwood offered her.

Barrett says that Underwood has been “very sweet with texting” her congratulatory messages and motherhood advice.

She continued to share that, “She actually text me when I announced that I was pregnant and said, ‘If you ever need ‘mom advice,’ let me know because I am totally here.’ And I was like, ‘Absolutely. I will take you up on that.’”

The soon-to-be first time mom says that she “probably annoyed her” with the “long list of questions” that she sent to Underwood.

“I probably annoyed her because I sent her a long list of questions,” Barrett said as she laughed. “She was nice enough to answer them all back, and she has given me some good advice. It’s extremely helpful because coming from someone like her.”

Following her discussion about the motherhood advice Underwood offered her, the CMT host asked her “how difficult is it to sing on stage while being pregnant?”


She replied: “It’s very difficult. It’s very, very difficult. I haven’t been able to ask Carrie about that, but it is quite difficult for me. I have asthma on top of that. But, as the baby grows, it pushes everything upward, including all of your organs and your diaphragm, which is where you breathe from. Everything gets crushed.”

“I’m glad that people still like the performances and I am not completely out of breath just hunched over,” Barrett said.

Barrett is expecting her first child, a daughter, with her husband Cade Foehner in just a few weeks in mid to late January.

The former American Idol contestants found their love for each other during Season 16 of the show in 2018 and just a year later the couple married in front of about 100 of their closest family and friends in Garrison, Texas at Union Springs on Saturday (Oct. 5) and now are preparing for their first child as mentioned.

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