Carrie Underwood Gets ‘Super Freaked Out’ While Hunting For Ghosts In Her Haunted Cabin

Carrie Underwood

Is Carrie Underwood’s cabin haunted?

The “Cry Pretty” singer decided to experiment with TikTok’s “reality ripple,” apparently a type of thermal scan that creates a rainbow-like infrared trail when picking up a person’s body heat.

However, people have noticed that it will also pick up random shapes, which has led to an explosion of claims that the filter can be used to detect ghosts.


Ghosts in the cabin. Pt 1 OMG! ##realityripple

♬ original sound – carrieunderwood

Underwood, 37, decided to try it out for herself while at her cabin. “Okay, we’re looking for ghosts with this ripple effect,” she says in a Tiktok video as she scans a room.

Suddenly, a shape can be seen in the corner of the room, reappearing each time she pans over to it.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Who are you? What do you want?” she asks.

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In a second TikTok video, Underwood admits, “I’m super freaked out right now — super freaked out.”

Aiming at the same spot, she’s momentarily relieved when no apparition appears. “It went away,” she says, just before it suddenly reappears in the exact same spot.

“Oh no, it’s still there, still there… it hangs out right here, man. Oh my God!” she exclaims.


Pt 2. Our cabin is totes haunted, y’all! OMG… freaking out! ##realityripple

♬ original sound – carrieunderwood

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