Carrie Underwood Flaunts Killer Curves in Skintight Galaxy-Print Yoga Pants While Running

Popular American country singer Carrie Underwood thrills fans as she posted a picture displaying her stunning figure in a lovely outfit while working out on a treadmill.

Critically acclaimed singer Carrie Underwood took to her athleisure brand page, Caliabycarrie, to post a gorgeous photo that showed her trim physique in her form-fitting workout fit. In her caption, She wrote:

“As the holidays gets closer, take a break from shopping and take time to break a sweat.”

The photo showed country star Underwood in a colorful pair of galaxy-printed leggings and a light-blue sleeveless top complete with a fitness tracker on her left wrist. Also, in the picture, the celebrity packed her blonde hair in a ponytail while showing off her black sneakers.

In the background were French doors that looked out onto a green backyard, setting a perfect backdrop for her home gym picture. The picture, which attracted thousands of likes, also received several comments as her fans couldn’t wait to show their love and share their thoughts.

While some fans were more interested in Underwood’s gorgeous outfit, others asked where they could get the star’s exercise outfit and the treadmill. In one comment, a fan wrote: “Love your outfit.❤”

The vocalist works with trainers like Erin Oprea, Marrin Morris, Ryan Hurd.

The fitness enthusiast shared that fitness and healthy living had been her passion for years and that the philosophy is a common-sense approach to health and fitness.

Considering that the “Jesus Take the Wheel” crroner’s workouts are not so hectic, she told Women’s Health her self-care is her gym time, claiming that it is a stress reliever for her.

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Interestingly, like many other celebrities, the vocalist works with trainers like Erin Oprea, Marrin Morris, Ryan Hurd, and many others to get into a stage-ready shape.

Apart from her inspiring fitness routines, Underwood has an amazing music career and recently performed a beautiful “Hallelujah” duet with John Legend to close out the Global Citizen Prize 2020 that aired on NBC.

Underwood seems to have a good work-life balance. The “America Idol” alum enjoys a beautiful music career while keeping up with her family, fans, and her body goals!

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