Carrie Underwood Fans Call Out Heavily Photoshopped Sunday Night Football Announcement Photo

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood’s fans are in a heated debate in the comments of a post promoting the singer’s appearance during Sunday Night Football, with many calling out the photo for being too photoshopped, particularly her legs.

In the same thread, many fans are coming to Underwood’s defense to say that her legs are just that muscular.

The Sunday Night Football on NBC Instagram account recently posted an image of Underwood standing with her arms on her hips in a sparkling black ensemble with stylish embellishments.


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The caption read, “The wait is almost over! 🎶Carrie Underwood will star in the open for Sunday Night Football for the 11th consecutive season beginning 9/10 on NBC and Peacock. 🙌🏈.”

While some football and country music fans shared their excitement about the announcement, many people couldn’t help but comment on Underwood’s left leg, with her muscular thigh jutting out past her knee.

One fan accused the image of being photoshopped, “Not to be rude, but the photoshop of her leg is awful! She’s beautiful and doesn’t need editing!!”

“Why do they have to do so much photoshop? 😢,” said another.

A third exclaimed, “One leg is unlike the other 😂 stop doing weird filters!”

But others didn’t agree, arguing that the photo accurately depicts Underwood, as the country singer is known for her toned legs.

A response to someone criticizing the photo read, “she has crazy quads it takes one other picture of her to see that,” while another pointed out that her left leg is pointed out at an angle, writing, “For everyone critiquing her legs… obviously she’s flexing her left and not the right 🙄 . She has the best legs EVER!”

A fellow fan said the same thing, adding, “Her quad is just THAT ridiculous!”

Whether the new picture of Underwood is photoshopped or not, it’s clear that the “If I Didn’t Love You” singer has a toned figure worth talking about.