Carrie Underwood enjoys being a mom and working in her garden

Carrie Underwood

As for who Underwood is when she’s not on stage, she told Redbook that person has been different since having her first child, Isaiah. “I definitely feel like it’s changed me as a person,” she declared.

“I’m happier. I’m in a better mood a lot of the time. He’ll be watching cartoons, and I’ll be watching him,” she explained. “I’m completely in love.”

She gushed about being a new parent, confessing, “I love it when he’s sleepy, and I get to hold him and smell him. He doesn’t know I’m staring at him and being all googly-eyed!”

Aside from mothering her two kids, Isaiah and his little brother, Jacob, who join her on tour when not in school, Underwood likes to spend time in her garden. She once called her “happy place” on Instagram, writing, “… When I’m getting my hands dirty, it’s my time for thought and reflection.”