Carrie Underwood Doesn’t Work Out to Be Thin: ‘It’s More About Health


Carrie Underwood is best known as a music superstar, but since launching her activewear line, Calia, in 2015 the “Drinking Alone” singer has also become synonymous with health and wellness.

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Underwood recently opened up to People, revealing what motivates her passion for health and wellness. “It’s been more about health, and being strong, and setting a good example for my kids, and working out because it makes me feel good,” she says.

“And just kind of shifting my mindset about why I’m into health and fitness,” Underwood adds.

As for her diet, the longtime vegetarian doesn’t follow trendy fad diets and instead focuses on moderation. “I don’t eat meat because it’s kind of a conscious decision that I make, but anytime anybody’s like, ‘I don’t eat carbs,’ I’m like, ‘Oh, but carbs are important!'” she says.

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“I eat my carbs. Most of the time I eat more quinoa, rice, veggie carbs, but I eat my cake too.”

When it comes to her famous leg muscles, Underwood attributes genetics, as well as the hard work she puts into her exercise routine.

“I have to make sure and work extra hard on my hamstrings and my glutes and stuff like that, because whatever I’m doing, a lot of times my quads will take over,” she explains. “I don’t feel like anything is super complicated. I don’t do anything crazy.”

Underwood is gearing up to release a fitness book on March, 3 2020, called Find Your Path. She recently revealed the cover on her Instagram account.

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