Carrie Underwood Discusses What Her Daily Life Looks Like With Her 2 Young Kids

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is not the glitz and glamour personality at home that she is on stage. At home she is all about family.

While on tour, fame, bright lights, and fan adoration are what is important to many performers. Some of those who live this life have a hard time coming back to reality when the show is over because they have become obsessed with seeking fame.

For Carrie Underwood, who is known for putting on an amazing show with her incredible voice, gorgeous costumes, and infectious personality, none of that chaos of being on stage comes home to her private life. Underwood is all about family as soon as her foot steps in the door.

Underwood, 36, and husband, Mike Fisher, 39, are parents to two young boys, Isaiah, 5, and Jacob, 13 months. When she is not on tour, Underwood goes into full mom mode and makes sure the house is taken care of and the boys get to the activities they are signed up for. Though she does have someone come into her home once a month to give it a good deep cleaning, Underwood relies on no one but herself to see that everything is done. And like many parents, that starts with laundry.

Having two children somehow does not double the laundry load from one child, but almost seems to triple it. Underwood has a routine of doing laundry daily so that by the end of the week it has not gotten away from her. She does this chore so often in fact, that Isaiah thinks it is her full-time job.

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The country singer does try to make her relationship with Fisher a priority in between dealing with the chaos of the boys. The two have made a new resolution to try to get up before the boys in the morning to have a little quiet time together. This is also when Underwood goes over her schedule for the day and week to make sure she does not miss anything.

The couple also makes sure that family time is a priority for the household. This means eating meals together, something not many families can accomplish these days. After Fisher and Underwood’s time in the morning, the family of four have breakfast together and at night, have dinner together at least six days a week. Underwood and Fisher want their boys to have a normal childhood growing up, and the more they can do to make that happen as youngsters, the hope is that the boys stay grounded as they grow.

Finding time for herself is a different issue. Not being one to pamper herself, the one thing Underwood makes sure she does daily is get in a solid workout. With the exhaustion of running after her boys and all that entails, it is not always the easiest of things to get accomplished daily. The Find Your Path author feels that her workout lets her find her “balance.” Regardless if Underwood wants to do it or not, she gets the workout done because at the end of the day, she always “feels better afterward.”

The final bit of normalcy that Underwood makes sure she gets at the end of the day is time to unwind. Once the boys are in bed, Underwood and Fisher can generally be found on the couch catching up on shows they have missed during the week. It is all part of the daily routine that Underwood follows, which is what she calls, “work hard and then veg.”

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