Carrie Underwood Discusses Her Fitness Philosophy and Reason for Exercising in ‘Find Your Path

Carrie Underwood

American Idol winner and singer Carrie Underwood recently released a book titled Find Your Path. In the book, Underwood talks about staying fit, eating healthy, and living the life she has always wanted. The “Cry Pretty” singer also includes a list of her favorite healthy recipes. Here’s what Carrie Underwood said in her book about her fitness philosophy and what motivates her to stay fit.

Carrie Underwood’s book includes an inspiring dedication in ‘Find Your Path’

In the dedication, Underwood says she wants to dedicate the book to people who are ready to make positive life changes and make a difference in the world. “This book is dedicated to all of you out there who want to make positive changes in your lives and who want to promote positivity in the world around you,” she writes. Underwood also takes a moment to honor her family. She says they are her primary inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle.

Carrie Underwood says exercise changed her life

Underwood describes exercise as life-changing. She also describes fitness as her “therapy.” Working out helps her stay grounded. “Making exercise a priority changed my life,” writes Underwood in Find Your Path. “I don’t know how I would have made it this far without working out to keep me going. For me, fitness is my therapy. It’s my way to blow off steam. When everything else is nutso in my life, at least I know what I’m doing for the 45 to 90 minutes that I’m working out. That time is just for me.”

Carrie Underwood’s No. 1 reason for exercising

What is it that encourages Underwood to exercise regularly? The singer says she stays motivated to keep fit because she wants to be in the best health for her children. “If I had to pick the number one reason I exercise, it’s that I want to be around for my children as they grow up,” writes Underwood. “I want to know them as adults. I want to know their children and their children’s children. I want to be that hundred-year-old granny who is out there hustling, who’s still bringing it.”

How does Carrie Underwood do it all?

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Underwood says she is often asked how she can accomplish as much as she does in her career while being a wife and mother. The star says she gets everything done because she found the path that was right for her. She refers to it as “mommy multitasking.” Here’s what Underwood says in her book:

One of the most common questions people ask me is, ‘How do you do it all?’ How do I live this crazy life as a country singer, on the road half the time, while also being a good mama to my kids, a good wife to my husband, a good daughter, and a good friend?

How do I still find a way to eat what my body needs and get in a workout so I can be strong enough to put on a show in high heels or carry a toddler up the stairs or a basket of laundry down? How do I find a little time for myself? I had to find my path. I’m just a mom. All moms have to do it all.

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