Carrie Underwood Declares Guns N’ Roses Concert as ‘The Best Night of My Life’

Carrie Underwood

During Carrie Underwood’s Country Radio Seminar (CRS) Q&A on Feb. 21, an audience question gave the Nashville star a valid excuse to talk about one of her all-time favorite hard rock bands, Guns N’ Roses.

When asked about her most memorable concert experience, the country star talked about her Nov. 4, 2019 chance to catch GNR’s live set at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, which happened to land on an off night from her own Cry Pretty Tour 360.

“We recently went to a Guns N’ Roses concert, and it was probably the best night of my life,” Underwood said. “I know I’m married and have two kids and there’s been some incredible moments, but I love concerts. I love them so much… Every time I go now, I’m stuck in a box somewhere, and I can’t feel that energy. It’s great, and I get to watch. But we were in the audience, and I was losing my mind, and I didn’t give a crap what anyone else around me thought.”

Underwood’s quote about actually experiencing the show in the crowd reminds us that famous people rarely get to rock out in the general audience to “Paradise City,” “Welcome To The Jungle,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and other classics that made frontman Axl Rose and guitarist Slash one of rock’s greatest one-two punches

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Just as fellow celeb Jason Momoa met Slash that night, the “Cry Pretty” singer and former American Idol winner fulfilled a life-long dream by befriending Rose.

“I do always say that it’s hard when you meet your heroes, because I do consider him to be somebody who taught me how to sing, because I loved how he could just do different things with his voice,” Underwood said during a March 6 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “I was like, ‘I don’t know, If I meet him, and he’s not everything I want him to be.’ But he was. It was great. He was super cool, and nice, and we talked. We’re best friends.”

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