Carrie Underwood Couldn’t Sleep, So She Wrote a Book

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood had it bad. Insomnia during her second pregnancy left her wide awake in the middle of the night, so she decided not to fight it.

The singer says she wrote the majority of her new book Find Your Path during those early morning (or late night, if you’d prefer) hours.

“The window from, like, 2AM to 5 or 6 in the morning,” she said during Country Radio Seminar in Nashville on Feb. 20.

The insomnia “ended up being a blessing,” the 36-year-old admits. And here we were feeling good about only hitting snooze three times this morning.

Jacob Fisher was born in January 2019, meaning the majority of this book was written during the second half of 2018. At the time Underwood was just the mother to 3-year-old Isaiah, and before getting pregnant, she was somewhat resigned to the idea that she may not have any more kids. When she announced her pregnancy, Underwood also shared that she’d had several miscarriages in the months leading up to getting pregnant.

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Underwood’s honesty and candor are sure to spill over into Find Your Path when it’s released on March 3. The book tells her story through a health and fitness lens. That’s much of what she shares on Instagram these days, and unless fans are feeling guilty about staying out too late, they love her for it.

A short book tour will accompany the book’s release next month. She’ll also play select festivals, but has no plans for a major headline tour in 2020. It’s not clear that she’ll release new music, either. The Platinum-certified Cry Pretty album was released in 2018, and traditionally Underwood has spaced her albums three years apart.

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