Carrie Underwood Chokes Up While Talking Miscarriage in New Trailer

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood isn’t the first female celebrity to open up about and destigmatize miscarriages — and hopefully, she won’t be the last. Male celebrities seem somewhat less likely to share their fertility struggles or what it was like for them to go witness miscarriage or experience infant loss. Which is why we’re applauding both Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher for speaking about their struggles in Mike and Carrie: God & Country, their upcoming four-part series produced by faith organization I AM Second.

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In a newly released trailer for the series, Underwood chokes up while talking about what is obviously a very sensitive topic: the multiple miscarriages she experienced before/between giving birth to her two sons, Isaiah and Jacob.

“You have all these mountaintops, but we hadn’t had a ton of valleys like this,” Fisher says of the miscarriages, which left both parents devastated.

But when they finally welcomed a child? “I was just as emotional as could be,” Fisher adds on the series.

How did Underwood get through the hurt?

“I just had an honest conversation with God,” she explains on the series. “I was hurt, and I told him how I felt.”

She also recently opened up to Women’s Health about her miscarriages, and trying to use them as a learning experience.

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“For my body to not be doing something it was ‘supposed to do’ was a tough pill to swallow,” she told told Women’s Health magazine earlier this year. “It reminded me I’m not in control of everything.”

During the trailer, the singer and former NHL player also talked about how “drastically” different they are — especially as parents. It turns out, before they were married, their views on having children differed. Fisher admitted that he “always wanted a lot of kids,” while Underwood wasn’t so sure.

“I was never good with other people’s kids,” she says on the series. “Why would I be good with one of my own?”

Sounds like plenty of self-conscious moms we know — who were/are afraid to disappoint their kids or be a “bad mom.” But all that changed for Underwood, she explains on the show, when she had her first baby and “fell in love.” That big family Fisher envisioned, though, has not yet come to fruition, largely due to the recurring miscarriages. Still, they’re not giving up hope.

Tune in on May 27th 8/7c on I AM Second’s website to watch the series debut.

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