Carrie Underwood Breaks Down the Relatable Message Behind Her New Song “Hate My Heart”

Carrie Underwood

Songs like this are meant to be on repeat.

In her new song “Hate My Heart,” Carrie Underwood breaks down the relatable heartbreak when your head is ready to move forward but your heart is not there yet. And the “Cowboy Casanova” singer shared why this sentiment is at the heart of her breakup banger.

“It’s kinda like you’re stuck,” Carrie exclusively told E! News. “You’re just trying to get over this person. It’s like you don’t really wanna be back with them but you’re just having a hard time moving forward and just moving on and putting it behind you.”

And of course, Carrie accompanied this track with a music video—which was partially filmed at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, Tenn.—that takes viewers through all the breakup feels.

The video centers around a group of friends who are all newly single and doing what they need to do to move on, such as working out and swiping on a dating app. Eventually, they all go out to a concert where Carrie and rockstar versions of them are performing for them on stage.
“It’s been a lot of fun to shoot,” Carrie said of the music video. “Hopefully, everybody can see little bits of themselves in each of their characters in the video.”
And for the “Before He Cheats” singer, she certainly does. Carrie explained how her wardrobe for the video showcased all sides of who she is.

“My looks today ranged from workout outfit, which is very me, to some denim and rhinestones, which is also very me, to like rockstar on stage, which is also very me,” she noted. “A wide range of looks but there all aspects of my personality and my life.”

Carrie added, “It was a lot of fun getting to do all of them.”