Carrie Underwood At 37: Everything We Know About The Country Music Star’s Lifestyle

Carrie Underwood

When you’re worth over $100 million, it’s easy to live a life of splendor.

Carrie Underwood first made her music debut back in 2005 when she won the fourth season of FOX’s ‘American Idol’. The country superstar became the best-selling artist only a year after her win, and it was only up from there.

Whether you love her music or not, you definitely know about it! Carrie has released a number of songs that have become an anthem for many, and rightfully so. With sold-out tours, hit albums and an array of sponsorships and brand deals, Carrie has become one of the richest country stars ever.

Despite her wealth, Carrie likes to keep things low-key, and enjoys family time more than anything! While she is grounded, she definitely loves herself some jewelry, cars and taking care of herself from the inside out. Here is everything we know about Carrie Underwood’s lavish, yet understated, lifestyle!

She Is Worth Nearly $100 Million

Carrie Underwood gained fame after winning Season 4 of ‘American Idol’. The Oklahoma born singer instantly skyrocketed to fame and became one of the best selling country music stars in the world. With sold-out shows, number one albums and singles, Carrie Underwood has managed to earn herself a whopping $100 million net worth.

She’s Got A Vast Instrument Collection

As a musician, Carrie Underwood not only utilizes her most important instrument, her voice, but is also a fan of others as well. The singer can play both the guitar and the piano, and you bet she’s got a few expensive ones at home! The singer has expressed her love for music and songwriting and finds herself writing her own songs all thanks to the equipment that she’s got.

She Is Married To A Pro Athlete

While Carrie Underwood is doing just fine on her own, it also does not hurt to have a husband who is a professional athlete. The ‘Before He Cheats’ singer married NHL star Mike Fisher back in 2010, and have been happily married since. The Ottawa Senators star earns himself a pretty pay-check every season, so you know they aren’t struggling whatsoever.

She Loves Herself Some Jewelry

Carrie Underwood may not be very in your face when it comes to some of her bling, but there is no denying that she loves herself some sparkly jewelry. The country star sported one of the most expensive items around her neck at the 2013 Grammy’s, which came with a whopping $31 million price tag!

She Lives In A Luxury Nashville House

While the star has lived in Tennessee for quite a while, Carrie decided to sell her former property after having an accident at her first home. She and hubby Mike Fisher have since purchased a new stunning mansion in Nashville, where they no longer have to relive any traumatizing moments or flashbacks.

She Owns A Few Horses

Carrie Underwood is no stranger to animals. The singer has a few dogs of her own, and of course, a few horses! Owning horses does not come cheap, however, when you are worth $100 million, then that is simply sofa change. Carrie and husband Mike also have a property big enough in Ottawa, Canada where they can ride their horses as much as they’d like!

She Drives A Number Of Cars

After her win on ‘American Idol’, Carrie Underwood was gifted a red Ford Mustang convertible, which would soon become one of many cars the star has been seen driving. From custom pick up trucks to sportscars, Carrie is definitely a fan of nice cars, and we do not blame her one single bit.

She Is A Vegan

When it comes to taking care of herself, Carrie Underwood is definitely a fan of clean eating. The singer has openly discussed her diet in the past and has raved about the benefits of eating a completely vegan diet. While vegans get a bad rep at times, Carrie firmly believes that her vegan choices have provided her with so much more energy.

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She Takes Her Skincare Seriously

In addition to taking care of what she puts in her body, Carrie Underwood is also very into what she puts on her body. The star indulges in a lot of self-care, and rightfully so. Carie loves herself a good face mask now and again, and considering just how stunning the singer is, they seem to be working!

She Is Incredibly Charitable

Carrie Underwood has found herself in a situation that she never thought would happen! While she loves spending money on her and her family, she also loves to give back. Not only does the singer have her own charity, CALIA, but she has also been known to donate large sums to many organizations and charities throughout her career.

Family Is Everything To Her

Carrie Underwood has experienced something no expecting mother should, a miscarriage. The singer opened up about her trials and tribulations with trying to have kids and revealed she suffered three miscarriages. Despite the hard times, Carrie and hubby Mike have created a loving family of two beautiful kids, which they love and cherish very dearly.

She Likes To Stay In Tip Top Shape

If there is one thing Carrie Underwood loves as much as music, is fitness! While that statement may be hard to believe, the singer loves to keep in shape. She finds herself in the gym quite a lot throughout the week and has even written a book, ‘Find Your Path’, where she documents her journey into getting in the best shape possible.

Her Faith Is Very Important To Her

Carrie Underwood was born and raised as a Baptist. While many celebs choose to keep their religious beliefs to themselves, Carrie has always been open about her faith and love for God. She attributes her non-stop success to God and is always thankful for what her faith has done for her and her family.

She Doesn’t Shy Away From Designer Clothes

While we love a down to earth Carrie Underwood, the singer does not shy away from designer items! Whether it is shoes, purses or stunning gowns, Carrie Underwood’s closet is filled with every single designer good you could probably think of. Considering she is constantly on the red carpet, the stage or getting snapped by the paparazzi, you bet she will always look her best.

She Remains Humble & Grounded

Despite being worth so much, being one of the biggest country stars in the world and having anything and everything she could ever want, Carrie Underwood keeps it classy! The star is without a doubt one of the most humble and grounded celebrities we know, and that is one of the many reasons we absolutely adore her.

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