Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher Have A Fun New Hobby Beekeeping

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher discovered a new hobby during quarantine. A recent TikTok post by Underwood revealed that the couple has recently taken up beekeeping.

Underwood and Fisher are both seen in the clip rocking beekeeping suits as they check out the bee cages. A man named Joel, who appears to be a professional beekeeper, shows them the proper way to take care of the bees and retrieve the honey properly.

“Mike thinks beekeeping is ‘pretty cool,'” the county star captioned the clip, adding the hashtags #bees #farmlife #ImJustHereForThe Honey.

Comments from fans poured in. While some were simply amazed with Underwood’s new hobby, others seemed more concerned or had questions for her.

One fan wrote, “This is so cool! My Deda (Grandpa) loved his honey bees. He never wore any beekeeping suit- and they never stung him.” Underwood responded to explain why she’s decided to wear full protective gear. “I’ve never been stung before so I don’t know if I’m allergic,” she writes, adding, “🤷‍♀️better safe than stung!”

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Underwood and her husband Fisher recently moved to a new home outside of Nashville reportedly on several hundred acres of land. They share two sons together, 5-year-old, Isaiah and 1-year-old Jacob.

Recently, Fisher and Underwood have been opening up about their personal life like never before in a video series, Mike and Carrie: God & Country.

The four-part series of short films, for the non-profit I Am Second, offers fans a look into the couple’s personal lives as they discuss some of the most challenging moments they’ve had to overcome together. In the second episode titled “The Wrestle,” the couple gets candid about the three miscarriages suffered and how they worked through it.


Mike thinks bee keeping is “Pretty Cool.” ##bees ##farmlife ##ImJustHereForTheHoney

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