Carrie Underwood Accidentally Spent $2,000 on a Sweatshirt — and Wore It Only Twice

Carrie Underwood

We’ve all made a purchase we regret, but the stakes can be higher when you strike it rich. For music phenom Carrie Underwood, that life lesson came with a $2,000 price tag. Not all of us can afford the Louboutin heels and designer threads the country superstar is known for rocking. Still, despite Carrie Underwood’s net worth, we can relate to her regret over an impulse purchase.

Carrie Underwood’s net worth is an estimated $140 million
Underwood won American Idol Season 4 in 2005. Her victory catapulted the singer to fame in country music and beyond. Throughout her music career, she has released eight studio albums, a greatest-hits album, and 29 singles. In addition, the “Jesus, Take the Wheel” artist has won eight Grammy Awards and is the youngest person to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

Today, Carrie Underwood’s net worth is an estimated $140 million. Much of her fortune comes from her album releases and concert proceeds. However, she also has several endorsement deals, a clothing line, and a nail polish collection with Nicole by OPI.

Underwood and her husband, former pro hockey player Mike Fisher, share a 400-acre estate south of Nashville with their two boys, Isaiah and Jacob.
Carrie Underwood said her 1st ‘stupid purchase’ was a $2,000 sweatshirt

Though Carrie Underwood can spend her hard-earned money any way she wishes, she’s not above laughing at a few impulsive purchases from her early days of fame. In an interview with Glamour, she recalled buying a pricey sweatshirt by accident.

The publication asked the “Before He Cheats” singer what her first big purchase was after finding fame.

“My first stupid purchase was an accident,” Underwood said. “I was in Paris and went into one of those big, name-brand, fancy-schmancy designers, and I picked up a sweatshirt.”

Underwood added that she perhaps didn’t understand the price: Numbers apparently aren’t always her thing.

“But when I went to check out, that sucker was $2,000.”

Underwood said she didn’t know why it was so expensive — but she wore it only twice.

The country superstar has remained humble despite her success

These days, the country star doesn’t need to worry about accidental purchases from “fancy-schmancy” labels because she’s got her own. Underwood launched Calia by Carrie in collaboration with Dick’s Sporting Goods in 2015. The brand features athletic wear such as leggings, shirts, swimwear, and — yes — sweatshirts. (But Calia by Carrie sweatshirts are in a much more affordable $50-to-$75 range.)

Though the “Cry Pretty” singer has some enviable perks that can come with fame — including a washer and dryer in her closet — she has remained true to her roots. Underwood does many of her own chores, uses her kids as her alarm clock as many parents do, and turned down a private jet in her early days of fame.

In 2018 on Instagram, her husband praised her for remaining humble despite her success.

“God has given you one of the best voices, crazy work ethic, and platform you’ve never taken for granted,” Fisher wrote in a post celebrating her induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. “You’ve remained humble in all the success and never craved the attention or fame one bit. Thanks for always being the small-town girl from Oklahoma even thou your [sic] one of the biggest stars!”