Carrie Underwood, 40, Reveals the Affordable Moisturizer She Says Does a “Good Job”

Carrie Underwood

Between her Las Vegas residency, her two young sons, and her chicken babies, Carrie Underwood is one busy gal. So it’s no surprise that she doesn’t have hours each day to spend on self-care, which is probably why when she was recently asked by Shop TODAY how she’d describe her beauty routine, she accurately summed it up in one word: “lazy.”

“I’m terrible at regimens and stuff like that,” the country music star told TODAY. “Every once in a while, like once a year, I maybe get to go get a facial or consult somebody, and I’m like, ‘what is the least amount of things that I can do?'” With such limited time and space in her bags, she’s narrowed down her beauty routine to a handful of products that work overtime, just like she does.

For starters, she mentioned Sunday Riley’s C.E.O. Glow face oil “So I love oils … I feel like oils are something that’s easy,” she shared. But this isn’t just any facial oil. The serum is packed with ingredients your skin will soak up, most notably vitamin C, which gives a more youthful and glowy appearance as well as brightening dark spots.

Next on her list? A moisturizer that just straight-up works, according to the 40-year-old: Weleda Skin Food. “It’s not even expensive, but it’s easy, you can kind of find it anywhere and it does a good job,” she said. The

rich skin cream packs a punch with a plant-extract formula that hydrates even the driest of skin (oily skinned friends, this might not be the find for you!). You can apply it anywhere on the body, from feet to face, which is probably another reason the singer loves the lotion. “…I also can’t carry a bunch of junk around with me, there’s just no room for it in my bag,” she shared.

A two-in-one product that gets the job done? We see why it’s earned a spot in her routine.

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