Brad Paisley Touched by Carrie Underwood’s Boozy Gesture

Carrie Underwood

Yes, you did see Carrie Underwood drinking a beer in Brad Paisley’s new music video, and no, she doesn’t do that often.

Underwood, according to Paisley, is more of a wine drinker, but she’s one of a couple dozen celebrities who agreed to sip a beer for his new “No I in Beer” video, released earlier this week.

“She actually downed a beer for me, which was really nice,” Paisley says. “I think probably Mike finished it.”

Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker, Jimmie Allen, Kelsea Ballerini and Peyton Manning are a few more who sing on the song. They were all game to join in on the fun, as most have been keeping in touch with Paisley since the pandemic began. He says that these are the people he has leaned on since March.

“It was just a lot of fun to assemble a cast of misfits,” Paisley says, referring to the more famous members of his 230-plus person ensemble.


Another thing Paisley has leaned on during the pandemic? Beer. OK, we’re not 100 percent sure it’s beer he’s drinking, but that he’s drinking at all is noteworthy. “I do drink in moderation,” he shares. “I’m a newer drinker. I’m not somebody that you’d associate with kicking out the footlights at the Opry stage or passing out in the middle of an encore … it’s such an important part of this pandemic.”

Paisley talked to Taste of Country and select media during a roundtable one day before his music video was released. “No I in Beer” is from his next studio project, but he wasn’t able to share details on when that may be released.

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