Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s Favorite Place Is the Same Location

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The 2020 Grammys had fans even more in love with the power coupling of singers and The Voice judges Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. As they sang, they gazed into each other’s eyes, leading fans and media personalities to wonder for the millionth time: When will these two tie the knot?

They have been an official couple since after their respective divorces in 2015, though they became close during the transition, and have been inseparable ever since. It seemed clear from the get-go, when in 2016 Shelton gifted Stefani a horse, that he wanted her to become part of his country lifestyle. Now, it seems, they have made quite a cozy respite of their Oklahoma homestead together, one that Stefani is growing to love.

Gwen Stefani once said her favorite place was in Japan

Stefani was born and raised in California, but her home state doesn’t seem to hold many draws for her. In a piece for Travel and Leisure in 2009, Stefani revealed at the time that she was inspired by the unique fashion choices of those living in the Harajuku district in Tokyo, Japan, making it one of her favorite places.

She told the publication: “You can just sense all the creative energy pulsing through it. It felt like another planet to me. I wanted to be like the Harajuku girls you see out shopping. Fashion is so important there—it’s huge. Everyone is so stylish and unique.”

After visiting with her former band, No Doubt, in 1995, she made a point to return to Harajuku and derived a lot of her styling for her solo work from the district, and even employed four Harajuku girls to follow her on tour. This was not without some pushback, however, as she was accused of cultural appropriation.

Controversy aside, with age and motherhood, comes shifting priorities. Now, it seems, she’s let go of her former favorite place across the sea in favor of a locale a bit closer to home.

Blake Shelton will always love Oklahoma

In the lead up to their performance for the Grammys, Shelton and Stefani sat down for an interview with Gayle King. In it, she asked them simple, rapid-fire questions, one of which was where their favorite place in the world is.

Shelton jumped in without hesitation: “My land in Oklahoma for me, yeah.” Stefani followed suit: “I’d probably have to agree, but only when Blake’s there,” she turns to Shelton, “If you’re there.”

He then adds without a hint of sarcasm: “You’re scared of the wild hogs otherwise, aren’t you?”

It was no surprise that Oklahoma is Shelton’s favorite place. He was born in Ada, Oklahoma and now lives in a town called Tishomingo about an hour south of Ada. Whether on social media or in interviews, he loves to bring up Oklahoma, especially the weather.

“Hey Oklahoma weather… Blow me,” one tweet from 2015 read. It was a bit surprising that Stefani agreed, though it seems her answer was more about Shelton than the place itself. This is understandable as he has done a lot to make his estate feel like home for her.

Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma estate

Shelton’s property is about 1,200 acres, but far from being completely wild and untamed, it has all the amenities a modern pop star could hope for. On the property is a collection of Hawaiian-inspired structures, along with a luxurious swimming pool and cabana — the latter is presumably a welcome addition to this landlocked estate made especially for Stefani.

Aside from the Hawaiian home, the two live a pretty down-to-earth lifestyle while in Oklahoma. Shelton enjoys hunting, spending time with his friends and family, and even cultivated a flower garden for Stefani.

At home in Oklahoma, Shelton lives a simple life. An insider told E!: “When he is here, he is home. He is very unpretentious and laid back.”

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