Bane has quilted for George Strait

George Strait

Barbara Bane is many things, a wife, mother, insurance saleswoman, cook, country music fan and quilt maker to country music stars.

She is currently working on a quilt for Marty Stuart, but she began this unique hobby by giving a quilt to George Strait in 2016.

“I was trying to figure out how to meet him,” Bane said. “You don’t just walk up to George Strait.”

She ended up taking the quilt to the Strait’s annual cattle roping in San Antonio and was able to pass the item off to his manger.

The quilt features Strait’s signature “G” and “S” and pictures from when he performed at the Neshoba County Fair years ago.

Bane works in insurance in Meridian but is a long-time resident of Neshoba County.

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‘“I love my job. I love to help people,” Bane said. “I love to be there when a family needs something and I can provide an answer. Clients become neighbors and friends.”

She graduated from Neshoba Central in 1981 and lives in the House community with her husband, Tommy Bane, a farmer and logger. They have a daughter, Raven Bane, who is a nurse at Neshoba General.

“I really like being out with the cows,” she said. “I hug them and feed them.”

Bane also maintains a garden, which sets the base for her cooking. In addition to peas and corn and other vegetables, her pet crop is tomatoes.

Tomatoes are usually canned or used to make soup, as many as 50 bags a season that are frozen and enjoyed year-round or taken to friends and family.

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Her signature item, though, is a tomato relish, the recipe for which has been in her family for over 100 years.

“It is a secret recipe that takes lots of taste testing until it is just right,” Bane said. “The kitchen just smells so good while I am cooking it.”

The Banes put her tomato relish on everything — tacos, chips, peas, butter beans, etc.

They attend Pine Grove Baptist Church.

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