‘American Idol’: Megan Danielle and Colin Stough Sing Ed Sheeran’s ‘Dive’ [Watch]


Megan Danielle and Colin Stough joined forces for a duet during Sunday night’s (May 7) episode of American Idol.

For the most recent episode of the signing competition, regular judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were in the U.K. celebrating the recent coronation. So, Alanis Morissette and Ed Sheeran temporarily took their seats and tasked contestants with covering songs out of their respective catalogs.
Morissette songs were featured as solos, while contestants were asked to deliver Sheeran’s songs as duets.

The two hopeful singers delivered a country version of Sheeran’s “Dive.” Wearing complementary blue tone outfits, Danielle and Stough primarily stayed center stage and put the entire focus of the performance on their powerful vocals.

The pair seemed happy with what they were able to bring to the stage, ending things with a solid fist bump before turning to the judge’s to hear their thoughts.

Sheeran loved hearing the two singers together and called the pairing a “perfect match.” Throughout the night it was pretty clear that Sheeran really enjoys being involved in Idol and ended his feedback by saying Stough and Danielle did his song “really, really well.”

Luke Bryan, the only permanent judge that didn’t head over to the United Kingdom, provided feedback of his own to both hopefuls. He applauded Danielle’s repeated ability to nail “trippy runs” found in various songs before turning to Stough. While Stough may have been more apprehensive about the vocal runs found in Sheeran’s “Dive,” Bryan appreciated seeing him challenge himself and experiment during his time on stage.

At the end of the night, it was announced that both Stough and Danielle earned enough votes to advance to the Top 5. American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8PM ET on ABC.