All of Carrie Underwood’s Tattoos

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is one of the most beloved singers in country music. While Underwood has tons of fans, some might not know that the singer has tattoos. Here’s an overview of the tattoos Underwood has plus the one fans incorrectly thought she had.
Carrie Underwood has two tattoos
One of Underwood’s tattoos is a four-leaf clover. In 2015, the singer revealed that the tattoo’s appearance had changed after she had a C-section.

“It’s not really a four-leaf clover anymore, it’s a multileaf,” Underwood told HuffPost. “It doesn’t match up with the top! And I think most people deal with this after a C-section — there’s like a little pooch over the scar. It’s something that I’m probably going to have forever.”

Underwood’s second tattoo is also associated with luck but in the opposite context. Her other tattoo is reportedly a black cat.

In a 2013 interview with Redbook, Underwood revealed that neither of her tattoos has any special meaning.

There was a false report that Carrie Underwood got a third tattoo
In 2019, rumors swirled that Underwood got a third tattoo related to her Christian faith. The rumors started after a tattoo artist named Jonathan “JonBoy” Valena posted a photo of a finger tattoo reading “Faith.”

Valena tagged Underwood in the original Instagram post, which led some to speculate that Underwood was the person who got the tattoo. Underwood’s tag was later removed from the post.

The tattoo artist captioned the post, “complete trust or confidence in someone or something #faith #jonboytattoo #jonboyxmoxy *tag someone who’s faith you admire cuz you gotta have faith faith faith.”

After the misunderstanding, Underwood’s team issued statements to different publications.

“A representative from Carrie Underwood’s PR team clarified that she did not get the word ‘faith’ tattooed on her finger, and the person tagged in the tattoo artist’s photo is not her. Underwood currently has two tattoos,” PopSugar wrote in an update.