A ‘Reba’ Star Played Jay Leno’s Love Interest on ‘Last Man Standing’ and It Was a Lot

Reba McEntire

Melissa Peterman had everyone talking.

Nothing will ever replace our love for Reba, but watching Melissa Peterman on Last Man Standing helps make the absence better.

The actress played Barbra Jean on the sitcom alongside Reba McEntire from 2001-2007. She’s since starred on many shows, but her guest appearances on Last Man Standing are some of our favorites of her recent performances.

Melissa’s latest episode of the Tim Allen comedy was this February’s “I’m with Cupid.” Her character, Cece, struck up a romance with Jay Leno’s Joe, and it was as ridiculous as you might guess. Tim was hoping Cece and Joe would hit it off, but Vanessa (Nancy Travis) wasn’t convinced they’d make a good match.

As per usual at the Baxter house, both Vanessa and Mike ended up being right in their own ways. It turned out Cece wanted to settle down, despite what she tells everyone, and she ended up being a great fit for Joe.

Even if the date had gone badly, though, fans wouldn’t have cared. They were so happy to see Melissa again and had a lot to say about her over-the-top portrayal of Cece. Some were simply thrilled to watch her, while others compared her to Barbra Jean’s “mannerisms and stuff.” We can see it!

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For some, 30 minutes of Melissa were not nearly enough. A few suggested that she become a series regular, or get a spin-off of her own. Can you imagine!?

One person even called it the “best night of my life” and we’d agree, only if Reba had starred alongside her as well. Speaking of, someone else asked if Reba’s daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson would have Reba and Melissa on her talk show, and we think we need to make that happen ASAP.

In the meantime, we hope to see Melissa on Last Man Standing again soon!

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