A Deep Carrie Underwood Twitter Analysis

Carrie Underwood

Hello! Today we did a full on analysis of Carrie Underwood’s Twitter activity. Let’s jump right into it. First, the primary metrics: as of 2020-03-30, Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) has 8424231 Twitter followers, is following 420 people, has tweeted 5051 times, has liked 2013 tweets, has uploaded 1439 photos and videos and has been on Twitter since October 2011.

Going from top to bottom, their latest tweet, at the time of writing, has 23 replies, 174 retweets and 1,419 likes, their second latest tweet has 100 replies, 656 reweets and 10,596 likes, their third latest tweet has 76 replies, 189 retweets and 1,569 likes, their fourth latest tweet has 9 replies, 88 retweets and 514 likes and their fifth latest tweet has 28 replies, 224 retweets and 930 likes. But that’s enough numbers for now 🙂

Going through Carrie Underwood’s last couple-dozen tweets (including retweets, BTW), the one we consider the most popular, having caused a huge 282 direct replies at the time of writing, is this:

That happens to to have caused quite a ruckus, having also had 200 retweets and 3052 likes.


What about Carrie Underwood’s least popular tweet as of late (again, including retweets)? We reckon it’s this one:

That only had 9 direct replies, 88 retweets and 514 likes.

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