5 Amazing Performances That Honored the Activists & Leaders of 2020 at Global Citizen Prize

John Legend, Carrie Underwood, Common, and more delivered a perfect end to 2020.

This year’s Global Citizen Prize ceremony was a little different. Of course, with the COVID-19 pandemic still at large there couldn’t be a big event with an in-person audience.

Instead, we hosted an evening of celebratory interviews and performances filmed in a socially-distanced way in a studio for a show that premiered on NBC on Dec. 19, and is being broadcast and streamed all over the world from Dec. 19. Find out more about how to watch, or re-watch, from where you are here.

It’s been a hugely difficult year, and one that, tragically, looks set to push back progress on the United Nations’ Global Goals and the mission to end extreme poverty. For the first time in 20 years, global poverty rates are increasing — with the World Bank estimating that 150 million people will be pushed into poverty this year.

But 2020 has also highlighted how important it is for people, governments, and organizations around the world to work together to overcome the challenges we face. And it has shown us that those collaborative efforts do indeed drive positive change.

We’ve seen historic joint efforts to develop and fund COVID-19 vaccines and treatments, for example, while numerous fundraising and volunteering initiatives have helped support the most vulnerable people in our communities.

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So we couldn’t go without a Global Citizen Prize in 2020. If anything this year has shown us it’s never been more important to recognize the people who make a difference and show true leadership in challenging times.

To help us do that, artists joined us to perform during the Global Citizen Prize ceremony. And whether it’s Global Citizen Ambassador Common, who runs two social justice nonprofits, or Carrie Underwood, who has spent millions of dollars supporting charitable initiatives in her hometown, they are all artists who represent the Global Citizen spirit.

Gwen Stefani took to the stage in an awesome sparkly silver ensemble to perform a brand new single that sees her return to her ska-pop roots — the aptly named “Let Me Re-Introduce Myself”.

The song, which will feature in an upcoming studio album, is all about Stefani reminiscing on her life and saying “I’m still me”, and has a reggae beat that harks back to the band she founded as teenager, No Doubt. The 1990s icons played a reunion gig at Global Citizen Festival in 2014, so it feels like a Global Citizen stage is the perfect place for a Stefani “re-introduction” — and we are so here for it!

Stefani kicked the show off the right way with the feel-good tune, complete with backing dancers and a brass band to get us in the mood for the evening of music and celebrating activism.