3 Rare Photos of Carrie Underwood With Her Two Kids

Carrie Underwood

Some celebrities love to place their kids squarely in front of the cameras, capturing every milestone and adorable moment for social media — and we love it, because we cannot get enough of cute celeb kid pictures and updates. Other stars prefer to keep their kids away from the limelight, fearing overexposure of children who didn’t exactly ask to be famous, and as moms, we totally understand that choice as well.

Somewhere in the middle is country superstar Carrie Underwood. Her social media accounts are full of shots of her performing in all her big-hair, big-emotion glory (love those!), and only occasionally peppered with pictures of her two boys, Isaiah, 5, and Jacob, 1 — who often appear facing away from the camera.

Looks like Carrie is trying to find a balance between keeping her private life mostly private, and sharing her family life with fans. We’re sure she knows that fans like us love to not only cheer her career success but also the beautiful family she fought to build despite three miscarriages. That’s why for us, pictures of Carrie with her young sons are so special. We know what it took to make this beautiful family happen, and it’s very satisfying and inspiring to see pictures of Carrie doing everything from fishing to a preconcert sound check with Isaiah to feeding baby Jacob while getting her hair and makeup done.

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Those pictures are hard to come by, but we combed through social media accounts and other sources to come up with a collection of rare pictures of Carrie and her two kids to fill you with hope and inspiration.

My Famous Mommy

There’s Carrie the superstar singer, and then there’s Carrie the mom. Those two identities often meld together, and we get moments like this one in which Carrie — fully made up and dressed to hit the stage — takes a moment to look in her son’s eyes and remember why she does it all in the first place.

Up the Mountain

Back when Isaiah was still a baby, Carrie went on an Alaskan trip that included a visit to an ice-capped rocky mountain. The view is breathtaking, but looks like it was a bit too intense for a tired Isaiah, who took the opportunity to get some shut-eye.

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