3 of Carrie Underwood’s Most Raw Mom Moments

Carrie Underwood

There are some celebrity parents that we just connect to. They seem down to earth, and even though they have access to far more than we do, they never make us feel like that’s true. Carrie Underwood is one of those celebs. She was just a regular person for the first part of her life – until she entered American Idol. She ended up winning the fourth season, and the music world is better for it. She’s an incredible singer, and in 2015 she joined the mom club,welcoming her first child, Isaiah Michael Fisher.

The queen of pop-country music has been juggling career and home-life since. She appeared to juggle her life with relative ease, even welcoming her second child, Jacob Bryan Fisher, in 2019. Through it all, she’s kept it real with her fans. She doesn’t try to live up to some uber-glamorous view of parenthood. Sharing she too, can’t get a handle on the never-ending laundry. She’s opened up about the painful side of motherhood. For her, it was going through multiple miscarriages, something many parents can relate to.

Even though she’s graced the stage of some of the most popular venues in the world, and her name is synonymous with fame, Carrie is still very real. She probably never has to worry about how to put food on her kid’s table, but she, like many of us, come home after a long workday to fold all the laundry before bed.

We’ve rounded up Carrie Underwood’s most raw and honest mom moments. Proving she’s the ultimate mom-friend who is never pretending that it’s a hard (but fun) journey for everyone.


Welcoming Her First Baby

Carrie Underwood welcomed her first baby with her husband, Mike Fisher, in the wee hours of the morning. Carrie didn’t wait to share a photo of her little one until she had crafted the “perfect” image. She had no hesitations about sharing her non-glam, but totally realistic photos. She’s radiating from the inside, tired eyes and all, and it’s a very real and sweet mom moment.

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