13 Things You Didn’t Know About Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is the most successful American Idol singer of all time. She’s married to former NHL player Mike Fisher, and she loves her animals and her sons, Isaiah and Jacob. These things you likely know, but the 13 items on this Things You Didn’t Know About Carrie Underwood list will leave you shocked, amused and maybe a little terrified.

New stories about her childhood, her obsessions and her strange body marks are included in this collection of facts, as are details about her college days and the type of movie that would make her perfect date night. How many did you already know? If you are 13 for 13, consider yourself the ultimate Carebear!

The “Drinking Alone” singer drops nuggets of trivia and facts from her past in many interviews. She openly talks about her childhood in Oklahoma and life on TV and in Nashville over the past decade. Can you believe it’s been 18 years since we first met Underwood?

13. She earned college credit for American Idol.

Carrie Underwood’s time on American Idol helped her earn a Mass Communications degree from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma. “I’ve obviously done enough with television,” she told People. “There was my internship right there!” If she hadn’t won the singing competition, she says she likely would have pursued television news as a reporter or anchor.

12. Carrie is a sorority girl.

While attending Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, Carrie Underwood was a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, and she is still close with her sisters. After winning American Idol, Carrie returned to college to graduate. She received a major in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism. She also graduated magna cum laude!

11. She’s had a text breakup — it’s fine.

In 2007 and 2008 Carrie Underwood dated Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford, and they broke up via text. But before you “OMG!” and spit fire at Crawford, know that the singer was cool with it. “It just didn’t work,” she told Extra months later. Crawford’s sister explained to People that he took it hard and was very upset about the split.

10. And then there was that other guy …

Underwood was rumored to have dated former Bachelor star Travis Stork. She walked red carpets with NFL quarterback-turned-CBS-broadcaster Tony Romo. This was in 2007, before Jessica Simpson dated Romo.

9. Skip the chick flicks — this girl likes gore!

The video for “Two Black Cadillacs” was inspired by Stephen King’s “Christine,” a novel turned into a 1983 horror film. The singer is a fan of the genre, and she told Taste of Country Nights that recent faves include the 2012 Ethan Hawke movie Sinister. In an interview with KidzWorld, she shares that all-time favorites include the Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

8. Before American Idol, Carrie Underwood had never been on an airplane.

She was just a small town girl from Oklahoma before auditioning for American Idol in 2004. That meant Wednesday night prayer meetings, local talent contests and good grades at school. Before flying to Los Angeles to be a part of the Hollywood rounds, Carrie Underwood had never traveled by airplane. Years later, she can likely buy her own private jet.

7. Carrie Underwood is the family’s Swarovski sheep.

During an interview with Marie Claire, Underwood talked about how her parents made do with less, even though they were far from impoverished. Her mom would sew the singer outfits from material she got at Walmart, and the family still lives in the same humble home they did when Underwood was growing up. By contrast, the singer sports $30 million diamond necklaces at awards shows. “I’m the black sheep of the family,” she revealed, adding, “The black-crystal sheep. Swarovski.”

6. That one time Carrie snuck out of the house!

In high school Underwood would steal hot dogs and lunch meat from her refrigerator and sneak out to feed stray dogs. Aww … even when she’s being bad she’s being good! She told Taste of Country all about it prior to the 2016 ACM Awards.

5. You can be sure her bed is made right now.

Carrie Underwood is a bit neurotic when it comes to keeping her house in order. “I can’t function during the day if I know my bed is not made. It will be all I think about throughout the day until it’s actually made, ” Underwood told Country Weekly. She added, “My refrigerator is extremely organized. Everything is showing the labels and is arranged in perfect rows.” She shared this before marrying Mike Fisher. Wonder if he’s as dedicated to bed-making? Her son Isaiah definitely is not.

4. That might be Carrie Underwood singing her own song in the grocery store.

During an interview with Taste of Country, Carrie Underwood admitted she’s prone to getting her own songs stuck in her head, and it’s embarrassing, “because I sing and I don’t realize it if I’m like in the store or something,” she said in 2012. “I’ll whistle or I’ll sing and I don’t even realize that sound is being produced from myself. So I do and then I’m horribly embarrassed.”

3. She’s got her own “Cleaning This Gun” story.

The night of Carrie Underwood’s very first date, her father decided to pull out his shotguns for a polish. Fortunately, her mom stood up for the then-16-year-old, but the young man never came calling again.

2. Whoa! That wedding was expensive!

Southern Living shares that Underwood and Mike Fisher’s wedding cost nearly $500,000. They better not have had a cash bar!

1. Carrie Underwood had a third nipple.

During the early stages of American Idol, Carrie Underwood revealed that she once had an extra nipple. “It just looked like a mole,” the singer said without hesitation. Years later one wonders if she wishes she hadn’t shared that piece of trivia, but the Oklahoman is so humble it likely doesn’t bother her.


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