Carrie Underwood

Having a famous wife means sharing the spotlight and supporting her through thick and thin and that’s exactly what Mike Fisher does for Carrie Underwood.

Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood have been married for 8 years, recently celebrating their wedding anniversary, and they couldn’t be more in love. They have a beautiful son together and are both famous in their own right, Fisher being a pro-hockey player and social media hunting star and Underwood being…well Carrie Underwood of course!

Being in the spotlight means having your life put under the public eye and from where we stand it is clear that Mike Fisher is a supportive and loving husband and father. In honor of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher’s wedding anniversary (they were married on July 10th of 2010) we have put together 5 instances where Fisher showed his love and devotion to his lovely wife.

1. When he posted how grateful he was for Carrie Underwood’s mom skills

“So grateful to have these 2 Awesome moms in my life!” Fisher said and also included a photo of his own sweet momma.

2. The time he takes to be an involved father to their son.

3. The time he posted an awesome pic of Carrie with amazing hair and wished her a happy birthday.


“Happy birthday to an incredible wife and an amazing mom with killer hair!:) All kidding aside you’re a blessing to Izzy and I everyday! Love you.” We love seeing the playfulness between husband and wife here!

4. When he supports her as a talented musician

5. When he not only waits outside her dressing room but also has a “Carrie” accessory in his jacket.

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