Watch Carrie Underwood Absolutely Crush a Viral Plank and Push-Up Challenge

This is so impressive!

We already knew Carrie Underwood was fit, but one recent Instagram has us completely in awe of her strength. On Friday, the country star shared a video of her completing a TikTok fitness challenge created by Fit52 trainer Kevin Edmonson. In the viral clip, Edmonson completes a series of planks and push-ups. Underwood has to follow his lead—and she completed every single exercise flawlessly.

The challenge starts with push-ups, followed by a plank with alternating hand raises. Next, Edmonson does a few alternating shoulder taps while holding a plank, and Underwood had no problem following suit. Notice how her body doesn’t rotate side-to-side: She maintains stability the whole time, which is a testament to her strong core.

Afterwards, Underwood lowers down to hold her plank close to the ground. Then, she does several plank get-ups, in which you raise from a forearm plank to a regular plank. Lastly, Underwood and Edmonson end their challenge with a push-up.

The county singer not only makes this challenge look easy, but she does the whole thing with a giant smile on her face. Naturally, fans flooded the comments. “I think my arms fell off watching this! 🤣 Way to go!” one person wrote, “And she’s not even struggling! 💪🏼” another added.

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It’s clear that Underwood is passionate about fitness. She has an entire athleisure line, CALIA by Carrie Underwood, and her own fitness app Fit52. The “Cry Pretty” singer previously told that, as a busy mom of two who spent much of 2019 on tour, she prioritizes working out on and off the road.

“It definitely takes effort to make sure I can squeeze in that time with myself, but I always feel better when I do,” she said. “With performing on stage and being on tour, it’s no easy task, but being able to take care of myself and have an hour most days of the week is beneficial in every way.”

She even has a workout trailer that follows her everywhere while on tour. “It’s jam packed,” Underwood said of her traveling gym. “I had my wish list of gym equipment, then we played Tetris to make everything fit.”

So, yeah, it should come as no surprise that Underwood was able to do the challenge with ease. She’s our fitspo for sure!

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