VEGAS VIXENS Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry & Celine Dion STUN in new Resorts World casino ad as they tease Las Vegas residencies

Carrie Underwood

CARRIE Underwood, Katy Perry and Celine Dion look STUNNING in the new Resorts World casino ad as they tease their Las Vegas residencies.

It’s the biggest hint yet that the powerhouse trio, along with American Idol’s Luke Bryan, will be belting out their hits all summer long.

Talk about coming back with a bang! The Resorts World casino ad is like a psychedelic dream with so much colour and themes it’s hard to keep up.

The commercial opens with a couple waking up in their luxe hotel room before heading into a conveyor belt of food and a Faberge egg, which opens to show Katy Perry, 36, as a mermaid under the sea.

Looking radiant with long blond wavy hair and a blue iridescent tail, the mom-of-one is tempted with different delights on a fishing line by Luke Bryan, 44, in a speed boat.

There’s also a huge turtle nearby with a piano key on its shell that is actually the home of fairy princess and country star Carrie Underwood, 38.

Meanwhile, set to keep the clubs alight on the decks is Dutch DJ Tiesto and Russian DJ Zedd, who is playing around with a pinball machine.

Stopping the ball in its tracks is icon Celine Dion, who looks incredible in a low cut red dress as she swishes around in the fluro arcade game striking a series of Dion-esque poses.

Zooming out, the ad ends in a shower of fireworks with the super positive motto, “Stay Fabulous” lit up in the sky.

Shared on YouTube, viewers rushed to the comments section to share their excitement at what looks set to be a magnificent summer in the City that Never Sleeps.

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One wrote: “OMG Celine is going back to Vegas! And Carrie is going there too… I think it’s time for a third trip in Vegas for me as well!!! 😍”

“KATY AND CELINE THE QUEENS,” screamed another.

While a third gushed: “Queen Of Vegas is back in the game and you’re not prepared!”

American Idol’s Luke Bryan recently revealed he got Katy Perry’s baby Daisy, 7 months, a GUN but admitted her star mom will never let her use it.

The country star recently suffered a terrible fishing accident after he pierced his hand with a fishing hook.

During an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Luke and Jimmy sat down to talk about the awkward yet hilarious moment he gave his American Idol co-star a BB gun for her baby.

Jimmy began: “You know, when Katy Perry was here in February, she told me that you gave her, as a baby gift for her daughter Daisy, a BB gun.”

Luke quickly agreed and added: “A Daisy BB gun! It just seemed to be the right gift.”

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