Mike Fisher gets Carrie Underwood a ‘cow for Christmas?

During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Carrie Underwood verbally transported viewers to the auction site where her husband Mike Fisher purchased a set of cows for her as a Christmas gift.

“He got me cows, which is what I wanted”, she gushed to Entertainment Tonight Canada.

And though Mike was spot on with his choice of present for his other half, the “Cry Pretty” singer confessed she is “not a good gift giver” and would rather not exchange presents with Mike. “They’re my favorite animal”.

While many may be surprised to see a Hollywood A-lister liking a cow for Christmas, Underwood made it clear that “I don’t want them for any goal, just to love them”.

However, with most of live performing and touring on hold due to the pandemic, Underwood says she’s had more time to get into the festive spirit – which also includes remembering to buy her husband a gift and decorating the house!

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The retired National Hockey League star had his hands full during the bidding, because the auctioneer spoke at rapid speed, as auctioneers do. “He said ‘I don’t know what happened, I think we got females, I’m not sure, ‘” Underwood explained. “‘We just raised our little paddle a couple times and next thing you know they’re loading up two cows to bring home'”.

Find the flawless gift for a person who, in principle, already has everything may seem nearly impossible, but the husband of singer Carrie Underwood has proved that it is only a matter of straining and putting imagination into the matter.

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