Carrie Underwood has a husband and two kids and a pet peeve they all should be very familiar with. The country hitmaker has been a part of American pop culture since winning American Idol in 2005 and — even though she’s drop hints here and there during interviews — she’s still something of a secret.

Her biggest fans probably don’t think so. In fact, Underwood’s most loyal followers should go six-for-six in this video quiz. Questions about her wedding, her childhood, her career accompaniments and her acting hobby made the cut on V1.0 of our How Well Do You Know Carrie Underwood? quiz. Did any stump you?

The Oklahoma native’s debut country single was “Jesus Take the Wheel,” but after she proved she was a dynamic vocalist, she proved she was an equally gifted storyteller and songwriter. Later she’d take her talents to film and television. Can you recall her very first acting performance? It would help you in the quiz below.

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Husband Mike Fisher came in 2010, and together the couple have had two kids. Professionally, Underwood has won three ACM Entertainer of the Year awards and hosted the CMAs for a full decade. The future Country Music Hall of Famer is one of the brightest stars in the format, but still, there are so many questions about who she is off stage. See how well you know Underwood and learn a few pieces of trivia along the way. If you go four for six, we’ll call you a true Carrie Underwood nerd, and that’s a good thing!

WATCH Carrie Underwood’s Husband Should Never, Ever Do This VIDEO BELOW:

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