Here’s What George Strait Drives

Prepare to be surprised by the list of cars driven by George Strait.

George Strait is a legend of the music world. The legendary country singer and songwriter has delivered a number of hits during the course of his career. Renowned as the “King of Country Music”, he is unarguably one of the most influential and popular recording artists of all time.

Strait also happens to a rich man of sorts (Surprise!). With a net worth of over $300 million, he is a proud owner of multiple properties and a few luxury items. He likes to keep a low profile in real life and unlike other celebrities, the King of Country Music doesn’t own a very wide range of cars. If you are curious to know what George Strait drives, we have good news for you. We’ve done a deep dive about the legendary artist’s whereabouts and some of the cars he owns.

Prepare to be surprised by the list of cars driven by George Strait. It isn’t as extensive as you’d imagine for a star with a net worth of $300mn.

Bentley Continental GTC

The King of Country Music, George Strait used to drive a car, just as iconic as himself. This stunning beast was in the news recently as it was up for grabs for a handsome $159,000. The car we’re talking about is the ultra-luxurious, 2012 Bentley Continental GTC. The stylish Bentley was sold by Strait with a signed manual for the new owner. The Bentley GTC has just as much an interesting story to tell, as it’s ex celebrity owner.

British automaker Bentley Motors has been manufacturing and marketing the Bentley Continental GT since 2003. Assembled in Crewe, United Kingdom; the Grand Tourer is widely regarded as the perfect mix of style, speed, and versatility. It was in 1994, when Rolls Royce, who owned Bentley back in the day, previewed the convertible Java Concept car – at the Geneva Motor Show. 13 units of this car were tailor-made for the Sultan of Brunei. Subsequently, Bentley Continental GT realized that the Java concept would make a more affordable Bentley, and began production after about 9 years. The external styling has been altered but the Java dashboard design was installed into the heart of the car.


First Generation GT’s were in production between 2003 and 2011. These cars were designed by Raul Pires and Dirk Van Braeckel. They were powered by 6L W12 twin-turbo engines, wired to 6-speed ZF Tiptronic automatic transmission. The convertible version was called the GTC (Grand Tourer Convertible) and was released in 2006. The car was built like a gem, with smooth edges and flashy interiors. With a wheelbase of over 108 inches, this first-gen Bentley is sturdy enough to handle higher speeds and difficult terrain. The height and weights slightly vary between the standard and the GTC version. The car was a monstrous hit and ruled the luxury car market for about 8 years before the second-gen was released.

Between 2011 and 2018, the second-gen Bentley was manufactured and marketed. Unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the new car came with upgraded engines and 8-speed automatic transmission. The weight was shed by about 130 kgs, while other key features were either retained or upgraded. Several versions and variants of this car made the headlines and won several accolades over the years. Finally, the third generation of the GTC was released in 2018 and remains in production to date. The 2-door 2+2 convertible is the best version the car has ever seen. The design credits for this latest version of Bentley are shared between Stefan Sielaff, John Paul Gregory, and Darren Day. It’s just a mere coincidence that an artist as iconic as George Strait has been the owner of a car as iconic as the Bentley Continental GTC. Strait’s Bentley was an all-black model with stunning silver alloy wheels and luxurious interiors.

Garia Luxury Golf Car

The undisputed King of Country Music is now living a peaceful country-style life in the Texas hill country neighborhood. The legendary music star has been often spotted playing golf. Hence, it is not a surprise that Strait is the brand ambassador of Garia Luxury Golf Cars and also happens to own one.

As the name suggests, the Garia isn’t a normal car. It’s truly and exclusively a Golf special. The Golf car is powered by lithium batteries. It is capable of reaching a top speed of up to 40 km/h. Not too bad considering it’s a Golf car. In a recent interview, the star was impeccably elated about the car. Here’s what the King of Country Music said about the little Garia Golf Car: “What I really like about the Garia is that the interiors are so beautiful…. very classic, and classy. From the steering wheel to the beautiful leather seats, it is a really fun car to drive”.

Like Strait suggests, this Golf car is beyond the ordinary. Buyers have options of adding luxury features such as sports seats, a windshield, a refrigerator, and a champagne bucket on the go. Strait’s luxury Golf car delivers unparalleled performance compared to its peers. It comes with a double-wishbone suspension, automotive-grade glass, and a hill holder function for automatic safety braking when necessary. The Country music star was also rumored to have been the proud owner of a truck at one point but there are no concrete details or evidence about the same.