Carrie Underwood wants to ‘bring others joy’ with her 1st gospel album, ‘My Savior’

Carrie Underwood’s main goal with her upcoming album “My Savior” is to spread joy.

The singer recently told People that her first gospel album, which features songs she performed growing up in church, is a “bucket list” project alongside her Christmas album, “My Gift.”

“Last year was a tough year for everybody, and I think just wanting to be positive in this world and sing these songs that bring me so much joy, hopefully, others can be like that as well and these songs can bring others joy,” she told the outlet about the purpose of her upcoming “My Savior” album.

“That goes back with everything that I do. I just want to do positive things,” she added.

And while her 5-year-old son Isaiah made a special appearance on her first holiday album, “My Gift,” singing on “Little Drummer Boy,” the superstar says that her eldest child is putting down the microphone, for now.

“He did not get back into the recording booth for this album,” she shared. “We got to ease our way in. He’s gonna think he’s a special singer before it’s too long, I’m sure.”

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Underwood previously told “Good Morning America” that collaborating with her son was a “a special experience.”

“We didn’t know how it would go and tried not to put any pressure on him and knew that no matter what, it would still be a fun, special experience for us,” she said. “He really performed from his heart and that comes across on the record.”

“My Savior” is expected to be released around Easter.

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