Carrie Underwood Is Living a Fabulous Life in Nashville Mansion — Glimpse inside Her Home

The 2005 winner of “American Idol,” Carrie Underwood is living her best life as she enjoys her dream home with her lovely partner Mike Fisher and their children.

Popular singer Carrie Underwood has a beautiful Nashville mansion she shares with her husband Mike Fisher and children, Isaiah and Jacob.

The star has taken to Instagram to flaunt several peeks into her home. One of such posts was her live Q&A session with her fans to celebrate her Christmas album release.

The post showed the interior decor of her living room, which had a charming fireplace. She captioned the post: “My Gift: A Christmas Special From Carrie Underwood Fan Q/A.”

With the background revealing a green wreath with a big red bow on brick walls, the star thrilled fans in a red and white polka-dotted v-necked dress. A fan commented:

“Looking beautiful Carrie..😁 Early Merry Christmas to you!!🌲”

While seated comfortably on her light brown sofa amid furry pillows, the singer held a silver present ready for its unboxing as she greeted everyone who graced her Insta live video chat.

Another post flaunted the front lane of her beautiful home. Underwood could be seen seated on the ground, rocking a black top with a pair of blue leggings and cute black Adidas sneakers.

Still flaunting her husband and their ranch, the next post showed off a cute white and black horse and her partner in his cowboy gear.

Displaying the next peek into her gorgeous closet, Underwood stunned in her black and white underwear while holding her waist in front of her mirror.

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With the background revealing ample wardrobes of clothes, an arranged shoe shelf, and folded wears, an excited fan noticed an extra detail and exclaimed:

“Is that a washer and dryer in your closet? If so, that’s awesome!!!”

Her beautiful family isn’t left out as her husband and children are shown in an adorable photo having a nice time together in what seems to be their children’s room, which had a patterned carpet laid out.

Still flaunting her husband and their ranch, the next post showed off a cute white and black horse and her partner in his cowboy gear in an open field.

The goofy family is one to admire as Underwood once posted a screenshot from a dance video featuring her husband and son doing the “Hot Dog dance” in their lovely sitting room.

The music star and her hockey player husband, who tied the knot in 2010, brought their dreams to life as they built their massive mansion on a 400-acre plot in the semi-rural suburbs of Nashville.

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