Carrie Underwood Asked Son To Sing A Christmas Song With Her and Things Got Emotional

Carrie Underwood cried during recording duet with son, and it’s probably the most touching story you’ll ever hear.

The country superstar may have performed duets with some of the biggest names in the music industry, but Underwood revealed that it was her five-year-old son who left a lasting impression.

Three months before Christmas, Underwood released her first full-length Christmas album, which features a blend of classic holiday songs and three originals, wherein two of those were actually co-written by her.

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One song Underwood made sure to put on the album was “The Little Drummer Boy.” In fact, the revered tune inspired the name of the album.

“The sentiment behind it is just so honest,” Underwood explained. “There’s a little boy…they’re bringing gifts to baby Jesus. He doesn’t have anything, he’s poor, so he says, ‘I know, I’m gonna play my drum for him. That’s what I have.’ And to me, that’s a gift that was given to him by God, his love of music.”

When the singer was about to record the Christmas song alone, she couldn’t stop thinking about her oldest son Isaiah. So, she asked him if he would want to join her in singing the song, to which the litter boy answered “yes.”

And the proud mom can’t help but feel grateful that he did. In fact, she admits she felt like she was a little bit of a stage mom.

“It was so great,” Underwood told People. “When we recorded, I was able to be in the booth with him and encourage him and try to remind him what words were coming up next, things like that.”

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But the most emotional part came when she finally hears Isiah’s sweet little voice after the studio session.

“I got to listen to his vocals [get] put together and then listening to myself with him,” she says. “I was laughing, and I was crying, and it was just very overwhelming in a good way. It’s just very emotional.”

The “American Idol” alum also revealed that making the album – as well as her performing in her own Christmas music special on HBO Max – is just exactly what she needs in this challenging year, with the pandemic going on all over the world.

“It really was a gift for me. It was a welcome distraction,” Underwood said. “It was such a stressful, hard year, and nobody knew where it was headed the majority of the time. It was nice to be able to go in and have this to look forward to.”

Luckily, she has her little boy with her to help her make it an easy ride.

WATCH Carrie Underwood sings with her son Isaiah – Little Drummer Boy (from A Special Christmas – HBO Max) VIDEO BELOW:

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