Carrie Underwood Accepts A Push Up Challenge — See How Well She Does

Carrie Underwood truly is a fitness queen. The American Idol winner did a duet with on TikTok to take on the viral push up/plank challenge. No surprise here, she absolutely slayed it and had a fun bubbly enthusiasm the entire time. Watch the video down below and try not to sweat.

Carrie Underwood Crushed The Push Up Challenge On TikTok

In the video, Carrie does a series of push-ups along with some very difficult planks. And, the entire time she has the most animated facial expressions looking more determined than ever. She follows along with Kevin who is coming up with the moves in this challenge. At one point she does planks with one hand. This woman literally is a superhero. At the end, they go full throttle and are completely synchronized while they do some difficult moves along to the music. We are seriously out of breath from just watching this honestly. Carrie finishes the challenge with a smile on her face at the end and she should definitely be proud of accomplishing such a difficult task clad with adorable braids in her hair.

Carrie has been on quite the fitness journey over the past few years. After reading harsh comments online about her body, she started to eat less but ultimately realized she was doing more harm than good. Eventually she got on the right track with a diet that works better for her. She tracks her calories, protein, carbs and fat using the app MyFitnessPal. She lets herself indulge in dark chocolate and red wine. The mother of two even likes to drink coffee for a nice caffeine boost.

Carrie Wrote A Book Inspired By Her Fitness Journey

Just when you thought she couldn’t get any more successful, Carrie just released her first book, Find Your Path. It is a book that discusses Carrie’s fitness journey and how she plans to keep a healthy lifestyle for the rest of her life. The TikTok Push-Up Challenge was only just one part of her fitness journey. She also shared what she typically eats in a day to keep her well-rounded diet. Carrie follows a plant-based diet and keeps a food journal which she says is a big factor in keeping her amazing body. However, in 2017 she did admit that eating cheese was her weakness even while trying to commit to being vegan. Some of her favorite healthy foods to eat are overnight oats and sandwiches with Tofurky.

She shared a delicious looking recipe on her Instagram to make healthy tortilla veggie pizzas. Carrie always gives fans healthy living tips that she personally has tried out.

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Another thing that Carrie likes to do to stay fit is working out with her husband Mike Fisher. They are the definition of fitness couple goals. This definitely helped prepare her for TikTok’s Push Up Challenge because her stamina is off the charts.

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Let us know down below if Carrie Underwood is your fitness inspo!

WATCH What Carrie Underwood Typically Eats In A Day VIDEO BELOW:

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